What will the homewares industry look like post-Covid?

As Australians are still not able to travel overseas for trade fairs, the International Housewares Association (IHA) is introducing Connect FALL featuring education sessions, product demonstrations and a look at the homewares industry post-pandemic.

Set for 27 September to 1 October, topics include style and design trends, independent retailing post-pandemic, shifting consumer trends, a new report on consumer spending for special occasions, branding for retailers and suppliers, and store window merchandising.

“Based on the success of our inaugural Connect SPRING virtual event last May, we wanted to provide housewares buyers and sellers another opportunity to connect around new product innovations, education and expertise that address issues we face as we move forward and get back to pre-pandemic activities,” says Derek Miller, IHA president.

Sessions include:            

All roads lead to home: new insights reveal shifting consumer values and the need for industry transformation―today’s home serves as a workplace, home base and entertaining/play space. This session will explore how consumers view the home and what they use it for has changed and how the homewares industry can tap into this transformation.

2022 style trend outlook: the reinvention of real life―a new ethos is influencing every facet of home and housewares lifestyles as we are looking for simplicity, modernity and functionality. Nancy Fire, founder and principal of Design Works International, will examine consumers’ desire for improving and enhancing real life experiences adopted during the pandemic with a focus on home + housewares style, design and quality that supports their plans to resume in-person socialising and entertaining at home.

Are you ready for 2030? Imminent lifestyle shifts will change the experiences of home―explore trends and strategies accelerated by the pandemic and poised to create the new normal of 2030.

Retail branding post-Covid―the Covid pandemic changed the world and how does a brand go about aligning with the changes? This session will explain the process of re-energising mature brands and how to build a brand from start up.

Brand where you stand, the path to building, becoming and broadcasting brand you. This session looks at the three Bs of branding: building, buying and borrowing and how they work to grow relationships, cement loyalty and create a responsive and resilient Brand You. 

Materials and the consumer experience―how product material can affect the consumer buying experience. 

Winning visual clicks―store windows have always been a place to feature and sell merchandise or hype the latest sale or promotion. Like everything else, things have changed and store windows have evolved into a powerful communication tool for a retailer to express its character, style and values. This session will explore a new directive on designing windows including the techniques and tactics most effective for today’s marketplace.

Each day there will also be virtual product demonstrations in categories such as cook + bakeware, table + drinkware, kitchen gadgets, storage + organisation and personal care.

For more information or to register, go to TheInspiredHomeShow.com/connect/connect-fall

If you're not able to attend the live events, you’ll receive a follow up email after the event with links to the recorded presentations, so you can then see them afterwards.