With our passion for “the tried & tested” and for “the new and exciting”, 3P is able to provide retail practicality and appeal, specifically through offering:

  • One stop shopping – all your essentials from one supplier
  • Quality brands – products you know and trust for reliable performance
  • Home brands/Private label expertise
  • Competitive prices – our pricing structure is backed by our big buying power
  • Exceptional customer service & industry best product knowledge
  • Flexible supply solutions – tailored to suit your needs
  • Fast efficient service – on time delivery, accurate, complete

Our Current Brands:

Surgical Basics A market leader in the supply of home healthcare, PPE, and medical supplies.
Tender Essential beauty and hair tools.
Putty Buddies Water earplugs and swimming head bands. Helps prevent swimmer’s ear. Great for grommets.
On the Go A variety of travel accessories. Travel bottles and jars: pump, screw on and spray. All in sizes to suit airport carry-on luggage. Toothbrush and razor covers, soap boxes.
Goodthings Home lifestlye and personal accessories. Kitchen gadgets and organization.
Jo Olley Ear Candles Ear Candles intended to provide a sense of well-being and relaxation. Proudly and lovingly handcrafted in NSW, Australia since 1997.
Simpkins Iconic, traditional Simpkins sweets. Travel tins in a kaleidoscope of flavours.
Sister Brownes' Baby care essentials.
Magnetic Wrist Static magnetic field therapy. Magnetic therapy is an alternative method for pain control.
Signature Mouthguards designed and manufactured in Australia and exported around the world.
Various Various health & wellness products, giftware & giftwrapping, beach, pool & sport equipment, confectionery and much more.

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