Angel Aromatics

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21 Mullens Street Balmain
PO Box 142
BALMAIN, New South Wales 2041

Gorgeous scents and home fragrance, handmade in Australia. Angel Aromatics is an Australian manufacturer based in Sydney. Decorative scented home decor, fragrant artificial flowers, soy candles, aromatherapy oils, reed diffuser sets & home sprays.

Our current Brands:
Angel Curls Fragrant wood shavings are an alternative to potpourri
Annan Annan fragrance registered to Angel Aromatics
Eau de Fixer An odour fixer that removes bad odours from the air leaving a pleasant scent. Various application forms including on flowers, curls, diffusers
Kisha Kisha fragrance registered to Angel Aromatics
Magnus man candles A full bodied fragrance with a masculine note. The strength of the name echoes in the deep, heady scent - perfectly filling your space with depth
Scented artificial flowers Made from balsa wood these scented artificial flowers are perfect to place in large bowls or window displays to add a pop of colour and fragrance
Vapourri Scented soy wax melts to place in oil burners
Woodies Fragrant wooden pieces including scented lotus pods and cinnamon sticks