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Bell Art gift products are designed and created from the paintings of Meryl Bell, one of Australia's foremost still life floral artists. Our vision is to share the unique beauty of Australia's native flora with you.
Meryl said, "Many wonderful Australian artists have made us visually aware of the vastness of landscape, of light and the colors of this country but there is also pleasure to be found in the intricate structure of plants with their vibrant coloring. The forms and colors of our native flora together with the delicate insects and stunning creatures that have adapted their life cycles and physical attributes to integrate so perfectly with their habitat continue to amaze. If my paintings make people stop for a moment to look, enjoy and wonder then I will have succeeded." At times Meryl would use a single hair paintbrush to capture the exquisitely fine detail of her subjects.

The passion, care and love that Meryl gave to all of her paintings of Australia's native flora is woven into every Bell Art product. With the design, printing and selling of the first card more than 35 years ago, Meryl's vision has evolved into the unique range of Bell Art gifts that we have today. We hope you will enjoy presenting to your customers our beautiful Bell Art gift products, all designed, printed and distributed with love and care in Australia.

Australian scented Aroma Bloq's with essential oils.
Light and refreshing.

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Shiller Images
PO Box 132
Mackay, QLD 4740
Mobile phone: 0409 886 308
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