Lisa & Alex is the inspiration of a mother and daughter team that started their dream to open a business together in 2016.

After finding our true passion in art and fragrance, we found ourselves creating works of art that could be incorporated into everyday life and enjoyed by everyone on an ongoing basis.

In 2018, we created our first range of artistically designed candles and homewares. As an artist, Lisa would spend tireless hours creating our artworks for our fragrance and card ranges.

When the art and fragrances are put together, let’s just say, that’s when the ‘magic happens.’

To us, creating a fragrance evokes a memory. When we create this memory, it stays forever with us. The lovely time we had together and the memories of places we went to and visited as a family. Creating this memory for us has been a wonderful experience and we hope that these fragrances and art works bring joy and make wonderful memories for everyone who brings them into their life.

We invite you to join our family and experience what we have. Capture some of those beautiful experiences through our Luxury Exotica Range and our Signature Flora Range of candles. Also, why not try our new healing range of Crystal Candles from our Crystal Power Range.

As a keepsake and a point of difference our candle vessels are totally reusable. So, you can continue to enjoy the art you fell in love with when you first bought the candle. Be creative and sustainable at the same time!

And best of all, all production of our ranges are designed and made here in Australia, right from pouring the candle to the digital printing and the packaging.

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