Established in 2003, we have created strong relationships with our suppliers. Key brands are supported by smaller designed products from different companies to create a full story and all fit the requirement for high quality items suitable to our lifestyle. Fun is a feature of many of our items and animals feature widely. From stationery to kitchen ware, we aim to offer the best in products from Japan.

Our Current Brands:

Midori A major stationery brand from Japan. This brand includes ranges such as the iconic Travelers Company series and the MD Notebook series.
T-Lab Handmade wooden animals which are ethically produced with wood from sustainable plantations.
Amabro General homewares and kitchenware with a strong design focus.
WPC Umbrellas and rain wear that make you wish for a rainy day.
AUX Kitchen and Table Tools
MD Notebook Notebooks and accessories from Japan
Travelers Company Notebook Leather notebook covers and inserts from Japan

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