Our Current Brands:

La Rochere Stunning glassware made in France. Durable, affordable and a sure seller. Drinking and serving ware. Many designs including the Napoleonic Bee.
Fer a Cheval Authentic Savon de Marseille from the oldest soap maker in Marseille. Traditional cubes, liquid soaps, cakes and refills.
Andree Jardin Authentic & traditional workmanship are the key features of this range of exceptional brushes for kitchen, bathroom & outdoors. Made in France.
Le Monde Sauvage Beautiful bed linen. Gorgeous throws in waffled linen, in a range of todays colours. Silk cushion covers and Silk Velvet bed covers.
Geodesis Using exceptional fragrances, this collection of candles, diffusers and room sprays take you on an olfactory journey to exotic destinations.

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