Since 1994, Mud Australia has created elegant and timeless porcelain homewares. Founded and designed by Shelley Simpson, our collection, available in 19 shades, is as much about self-expression as it is about functionality.

Our work is something that on its own offers a minimalist aesthetic but lives happily in any creative space or interior. Single pieces that are as happy hosting toast with butter as they are a Michelin star meal. One plate or a whole set. We like to think our pieces elevate everyday experiences, every day.

We’re committed to global values of craft and community and bringing those things to everything we make. From our studio in Sydney, we handmake every porcelain piece, actively building relationships with the people who buy and love our products across the world.

Mud Australia is a proudly climate neutral business. Certified through South Pole since 2020, we fund offset projects that we believe in to play our part in sustainable practices.

Our Current Brands:

Mud Australia Handmade in Sydney since 1994, Mud Australia creates elegant and timeless porcelain homewares.
Linge Particulier Linge Particulier is French designed and made in Europe with French flax.
David Mellor Cutlery David Mellor is a family-owned business that creates stainless steel cutlery, handmade to the highest standards in their UK-based factory.
Cutipol Cutlery Cutipol is made by a family-owned business in the village of Sao Martinho de Sande in Portugal.

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