Our Current Brands:

ALife Design ALife presents fun and functional convenience with a range of colourful travel accessories
Anorak Anorak is a specialist in style driven, durable products for the home and outdoors
Camera Club In an age of digital SLRs and phone photography apps, the Camera Club range is for photographers who want to get an edge over their rivals
Color Depot Wide range of premium-quality PU leather or nylon construction items designed to protect precious electronic gadgets
Design Ideas The team at Design Ideas spends time and energy searching for new ways, new forms, new methods, and new materials to organise an office or home
Djangoes From the laboratory of Doctor Django come the Marvellous Collectables - faithful reproductions of vintage tin toy designs
Dogo A blend of the founders love of design and passion
Dreams There was once a time when the closest amateur astronomers could get to seeing the wonders of the night sky without leaving their home was by affixing
Dylan's Candy Bar The daughter of legendary fashion icon, Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren has now combined an inherited talent for fashion with the childhood love of candy
Eggling The little Eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready for sowing
Fiiiiish The material used in fishing lures has been finished in paint with fiiiiish pens, fiiiiish magnets, fiiiiish keychains and other items
Fire Monkey Empire Pushing the boundaries of traditional industrial design
Gurgle Pot The GurglePot is a new interpretation of a 19th century shaped water pitcher discovered in the south of France
Haniboi Re-purposing the casette tape into a coin purse bringing the past back into fashion
Homade Old school items such as the 80s boom box, children's building blocks and cassete tapes, a vast array of items designed by Homade
Imixid A mix of retro, music, modern, vintage, fashion and technology, producing fun and 'funktional' gadgets and gear for 21st century lifestyles
Jansen & Co Mix and matching objects provides a wonderful colour pallet, enabling the end user to incorporate individual style into their homewares
Jonathan Adler High-end collection
Kabalab A handy portable range of emergency first aid products
Keep Calm & Carry On Evolving with the times, the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan has been parodied by Wild&Wolf and Mclaggan Smith Mugs
Koloni Swedish designer Lotta K
Koziol The Koziol prime directive is to make desirable designs responsibly, an ethos that has seen them become an international success story
Ladybird Archive Collection For millions of people, they represent the golden days of childhood in learning to read, discovering the magic of books, and growing up
Leschi Product design is the the mainstay of the Leschi range
Londji Londji has crafted a new world of traditional games and toys, bringing vintage favourites back for new generations to immerse themselves in
Luyesa Creating a decorative shape with functional products, and presenting their point of views on lifestyle in relation to imagination and reality
Made By Humans An award winning designer of contemporary giftware, home and office accessories, stationery and promotional items
Made in Museums Culture and history with Made in Museums cubes, a visual aid to remember and add colour to desks
Manifesto Manifesto mugs, notebook, water bottle, or pencils - the Manifesto range Work Less, Play More, Enjoy Life
McLaggan Smith Mugs Mclaggan Smith Mugs are designed to suit everyone from witty and whacky to smart and conventional
MouseRug The MouseRug stands alone amongst mouse pad products with unequaled beauty, function and uniqueness
Mushies Outliving
Native Union Access phone
Newgate Newgate specialises in creating classic, vintage and retro style, iconic alarm clocks, travel alarm clocks, mantel clocks
Nextime Since 1970 NeXtime has been transcending the boundaries of mere time-telling devices with the right combination of value, quality and style
Nuop Nuop thinks of an area in the market that is missing attention or needs improvement
OFESS With the slogan Man Makes Difference, OFESS, founded in 1997, gives users new experiences by offering rainy day items, blended with functions, design
Orla Kiely Orla Kiely, a talented London based fashion designer who has moved into the design of handbags, kitchenware, furniture and cars
Paladone Specialists in novelty gifts that make one laugh, but that can be used all year as well as just a birthday or Christmas
Paper Thinks Paper Thinks is a leading global brand of recycled leather stationery and maker of premium notebooks, notepads
Pets Rock Presented in a white cardboard box with cut-out section revealing the image, the mugs are made from white porcelain featuring a Pets Rock image
Propaganda Company brings an innate sense of playfulness to everyday products
Puhlmann A design label from Holland which represents a sophisticated collection that is functional but up with modern fashion trends
Qualy Company's goal is to create smiles in everyday lifestyles by improving their designs, colouring choices and product varieties to fit any room
Sanderson The bright and bold colours of Sanderson
Size Matters Size might not be everything to some
Smencils The world's only gourmet scented pencils and pens made from 100 per cent recycled newspapers and recycled plastic
Sonny Angels The Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls were launched in 2005 to bring back the joy and mystery of collecting toys from gumball machines
Sunnylife Designed in Australia with local summers in mind, the Sunnylife range is inspired by the best of Down Under living - environment, love of life
The Day of the Dead Outliving
The Zoo The Zoo range from the Dutch Puhlmann design house brings shapes from the animal and plant worlds to stationery supplies and home decorating
Unemployed Philosophers Goal is to fulfill the materialistic desires of the funny and sophisticated
V&A This stunning range of tools and products for the home and garden is the result of a collaboration between iconic British gift company Wild & Wolf
Wild and Wolf Wild and Wolf designs and creates beautiful, exciting, original and pretty and useful things
Zuperzozial In the hands of Zuperzozial, environmentally conscious design

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