Tribe Home, a renowned handmade rug wholesaler and retailer, has unveiled its latest 23/24 collection.

Their 23/24 collection, consisting of 15 rugs, features subtle yet intricate motifs, refined colour palettes and a commitment to sustainable fibres. Each rug within this collection was created with intention and the desire to speak volumes individually in its clients’ homes.

Taking cues from Hacienda design, Santa Fe style and European influence, each design was curated to both harmonise and diverge, enabling diverse design schemes to coalesce and stand out—whether used to create a cohesive story that flows through its clients’ homes and projects or as standalone pieces.

Key highlights of Tribe Home’s 23/24 collection include:

1 Symphony of textures: experience the tactile richness of the new collection, where each rug tells a story through its intricate textures and weaves, inviting touch and admiration from all who walk across them.

2 Tonal elegance: the refined colour palette found within Tribe Home’s 23/24 collection reflects an aesthetic finesse, ensuring each rug seamlessly integrates into a variety of design settings.

3 Commitment to sustainability: Tribe Home’s dedication to sustainability shines through in the use of the eco-friendly fibres—wool and recycled PET yarn—ensuring they are contributing to a conscious and responsible approach to rug manufacturing.

4 Fusion of schemes: the blend of Santa Fe style, Hacienda design and European aesthetics brings a unique cultural flair to the collection, offering a fresh perspective on the art of rug design.

“Embark on a journey with our 23/24 collection, where creativity knows no bounds,” says Tina Richards, owner & director at Tribe Home.

“Each rug is a piece of art for your floors, meticulously handmade to inspire and elevate your spaces.”

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