An illustrative interpretation of the serene beauty of East Australian coastal flora and textures was the inspiration for the Bay Lines collection by Patricia Braune.

Inspired by the picturesque landscapes and soothing energy of Nelson Bay, each design within the Bay Lines collection is a heartfelt homage to the calming allure of life in the Bay. From the mesmerising dance of the trees to the intricate details of the blooms, every element reflects the profound appreciation for the unique beauty, lushness and textures the Bay offers.

From the towering Gymea Lilies that punctuate morning walks to the dappled shade offered by glossy Umbrella Tree leaves, each design in the Bay Lines collection grew from observation of the vegetation and textures that epitomise coastal living, invoking a tactile connection to the rhythms of the Bay.

As with all of Braune’s collections, the Bay Lines collection is a sophisticated, hand-illustrated and richly textural interpretation of the natural patterns she observes in her wanderings.  

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