Introducing Blossom, the latest homewares range from Splosh that promises to breathe new life into any living space.

Inspired by the delicate beauty of nature, Blossom seamlessly blends dusty pinks, opulent gold foil accents and blooming magnolias to create a collection that exudes femininity and charm.

Offering tried-and-tested products created directly from customer demand, Blossom can refresh walls with captivating art pieces, elevate dining experiences with bamboo boards or add a touch of elegance with high-quality ceramics.

With its versatile offerings, Blossom transcends seasonal trends, offering year-round favourites that effortlessly complement any interior aesthetic. The soft hues and elegant designs seamlessly integrate into any space, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication.

With eye-catching counter display units designed to showcase the range seamlessly, Blossom is on track to become a sell-out favourite in stores across Australia and New Zealand. By maximising in-store visibility and appeal, the range ensures that it captures the attention of every customer who walks through the door, making it a must-have addition to any retail space.

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