J Style has a gorgeous collection of handmade Japanese bud vases with beautiful floral and geometric patterns. They are so beautiful, they look lovely on a shelf even when they are empty. But what if you just want a plain vase so that the flowers are the focus?

There is a solution so simple you will think we are joking. Turn the vase around.

More often than not a bud vase is used on a shelf or against a wall, so just turn it around so the pattern is not showing. Even as a centrepiece, you can arrange the vase so that the pattern is out of the direct line of sight of people seated at the table. Now you have a solid-coloured bud vase that doesn’t compete with your bunch of blossoms. And when those blooms have wilted, you can turn the vase back and have a pretty floral-patterned vase again.

Double the range of vases you are offering in store by simply turning half of them around. Give it a go and see how your customers react. Do they reach for the plain vases and get a surprise when they see the back? Or are the patterned vases what draws their attention? Sometimes you just need to give people an idea with your display and suddenly they feel like they’re getting two vases for the price of one.

J Style’s Japanese bud vases are available in over 80 different designs without turning any around, so if you count the plain versions it goes up to well over 100 different bud vases on offer. Wholesale priced at $7.50 each and individually boxed, they are the most perfect little gift for any occasion.

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