With winter nearly upon us, wooden toy creator Janod, has launched a new range of toys that will allow children to explore nature and biodiversity. Toys that have been meticulously designed and crafted from FSC certified wood to offer children a fun and enriching learning experience.

Aware of the importance of educating younger generations about the environment, Janod is committed to creating toys that are both entertaining and educational and these new products have been designed with education in mind.

They give children the chance to explore nature while developing their motor, sensory and cognitive skills as well as encouraging imagination and curiosity.  This new range features a variety of natural elements—leaves, trees, ants, ducks, snails, ladybirds—offering children a fun way to discover biodiversity.  

Favourites in the range include the Stacking Sensory Snail—a sensory stacking toy for developing motor skills, awakening the senses of sight and touch and developing skills of logic. Each of the four sensory blocks that form the snail’s shell has a different texture. Put the pieces in the right place or have fun turning them over to discover a new tactile sensation.

The Musical Caterpillar is a gorgeous sound activity table in the shape of a caterpillar. With five integrated sound activities including maraca, xylophone, bell, rain stick and scraper, children can explore and create their own symphony. This educational toy helps little ears distinguish and understand different sounds and develops motor skills by manipulating and shaking the small instruments.

Pull Along Ducks—children from the age of 12 months can take three little wooden ducks for a walk. Ideal for encouraging movement and helping with learning to walk, this educational toy will become your little one’s companion as they take their first steps.

Ant Balance Game—how many leaves can the ant carry to the anthill? This wooden balancing game intended for children aged two and up, encourages patience and concentration as children strive to balance as many leaves as possible on its back without making them fall.

The collection is now available to order from Bright Wonders and is arriving in June.

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