17Rocks rebrands and moves to new premises

Aussie chocolate business 17Rocks is rebranding to Kkao as well as moving to a new custom-built factory to enhance the chocolate experience.

“We changed our name from 17Rocks to Kkao to better reflect how we make our chocolate and our commitment to harnessing the power of cacao offering pure, decadent chocolate treats—rich, luxurious and hand-crafted,” owner Annette Muller says.

“We're moving from Seventeen Mile Rocks to our new factory where our customers will be greeted by the theatre of chocolate and bouquet of smells and flavours. The new factory will connect our customers to where cacao is grown, how chocolate is made and just how wonderful pure chocolate can be.

“Our customers will be able to witness first-hand the pure ingredients and the artisanal work that goes into making their favourite Kkao chocolates,” she enthuses.

The rebrand comes with a new logo and packaging, a process that’s never easy and can take quite some time before everyone is happy with the end result.

“Designing [a new logo and packaging] is always a chore and this was no different. We wanted to create a style of packaging that showcased the pureness of our product and highlight the different stages chocolate goes through to the finished product.

“We created our chocolate bar boxes to allow our customers to take time out and enjoy the real fruit, nuts, spices and all that’s good in the cacao bean, so they can just enjoy what chocolate should be.

“Designing the logo took many iterations and critical feedback from trusted sources. We created many different prototypes of our finished bar packaging to allow our customers to enjoy mindful eating.”

Indeed, true chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures, adds Muller, but you won’t find it on any supermarket shelf.

“It’s found in cacao’s true depth of flavour, in its powerful fruity and caramel notes. It hero’s everything that’s good in nature. Slow and low roasting the beans, preserving their rich nutritional value while releasing all the sexiness. That’s Kkao. That’s what pure chocolate tastes like.

“Our Chocolate doesn't contain additives or preservatives and we only use natural flavours such as fruits, nuts and spices. Kkao’s ideal customers appreciate good chocolate and are conscious of what they consume.

“We preserve the rich nutritional value of the cacao bean, using traditional chocolate crafting techniques and natural ingredients. We stone-grind the beans to release the cacao butter and create a delightful, smooth, rich and flavour-some chocolate. We make small batch chocolate batches to ensure the consumer tastes the unique flavour of the cacao grower.”

The move to the new factory will happen in August/September and there will be a big opening party in early October, showcasing Kkao’s range of chocolate products including its gelato.

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