Buxton Hanley launches range of filter bottles at Reed Gift Fair Sydney

As the war on waste rages on, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products in an effort to lessen the impact of harmful materials on the environment.

As someone who firmly believes that every small action adds up and that we owe it to future generations to take care of the environment, Camilla Moresby launched Kuro-Bo in 2015.

Eco-friendly, economical, reusable and recyclable, Kuro-Bo Activated Charcoal not only purifies ordinary tap water by adsorbing toxins and enriching it with beneficial minerals, but also softens the water, removes odours and improves flavour so that you can taste the difference in every sip.

Most other ranges in this category―both the bottles and filters―are made if not entirely than at least partly from plastic, says Caryn Hadley, commercial director at Buxton & Hanley, Kuro-Bo’s exclusive distributor in Australasia.

“Even the most popular filters are not recyclable or eco-friendly and contain lots of plastic,” she says.

“Kuro-Bo is the first supplier of Binchotan globally to offer the ‘koins’―smaller, circular pieces of Binchotan that are much easier to insert and use in refillable and reusable water bottles.

“They are also the only brand I know of that produces a high quality range of bottles and dispensers that can be purchased with their own filters or separately, and are made from 100 per cent natural and recyclable materials.

“From a purely aesthetic point of view, Kuro-Bo’s bottles are modern, attractive and very functional. Their merchandising also makes them a very attractive brand for retailers.”

For Hanley, taking on this South African brand was both a personal and professional decision.

“Anybody who knows me knows how much I hate plastic and that I refuse to buy plastic water bottles because of the impact on the environment. I also drink a ridiculous amount of water so for me a product that addresses both those needs is one I knew I would use daily...and can honestly say I do. My 1-litre Kuro-Bo bottle goes everywhere with me because as long as I can refill it I have permanently filtered water with me.”

Each of the brands Buxton Hanley represents are sustainably produced by companies that give back to the environment or society or both and Kuro-Bo ticks those boxes too.

“We will never take on brands that compete directly with each other. Buxton Hanley is all about sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment. The hydration segment of the market has been growing rapidly for years and is a key one to tackle if one is serious about a plastic-free world. Plastic water bottles are one of the biggest bug-bears of any environmentalist.

“A range that addresses this concern and at the same time is sustainably produced and incorporates a filter system that is completely eco-friendly is a perfect fit with our brand and our mission. The founders of Kuro-Bo have a genuine belief that we owe it to future generations to look after this planet and its resources, and a passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

"They founded and launched Kuro-Bo at a time when Cape Town was on the brink of being the first major city to ever have run out of water. The impact that severe drought had on the quality and availability of quality drinking water is something they took on board and worked to improve,” she adds.

Indeed, with Kuro-Bo you will have access to filtered water 24/7. The Kuro-Bo filter also works in a way that ensures that only harmful substances are removed from the water, making it one of the only mineral waters available that still contains fluoride.

“They are really affordable. At less than $20 for up to six months of filtered water I don’t think there is another brand that can compete. And then of course there are all the environmental considerations―all of their products are plastic free and fully recyclable.”

Australians love the designs of their water bottles and fully subscribe to the notion of finding sustainable alternatives, adds Hanley.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring a complete lifestyle offering to the Australian market. In a very simplified explanation of what we would like to accomplish it means that ultimately we want to be able to bring a curated range of sustainable, quality products to the market that cover every aspect of daily life―from décor, to homewares and self-care or body products and clothing. Life―sustainably curated.”

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