Charcoal products make an impact at Style Bangkok

Thai company Subangka was only launched three months ago but has already made quite an impression in the gift and homewares industry.

Subangka’s products are made from charcoal which comes from the Dipterocarpus Alatus tree that can be found in the north east of Thailand.

Exhibiting at Bangkok Style, held from 19 to 21 April for trade, founder Preecha Ngoksima says he was inspired by the community, which is heavily involved in all parts of production.

“The community helps cutting the branches of the tree and creating the products,” explains Ngoksima.

“We actually teach the community to create the products, it is all about giving back.”

Charcoal acts as an air freshener and smell neutraliser. It is baked with essential oils for four hours so it can absorb the smell first before it is turned into a decorative product, says Ngoksima.

Thai manufacturers are known for their use of raw and natural materials including bamboo, leaf and now charcoal.

“All our products are made from charcoal, it’s a great natural product which we use for our wonderful decorative items. We decided on charcoal because there is plenty of it and we could get the community involved in the making process. It’s a win-win situation for us.”

Feedback at the fair was positive and Ngoksima says they had lots of enquiries. “Not bad for a company that has only been around for three months.”