DIY speakers make the perfect tech gift

Aiming to combine fun and functionality, Taiwanese brand Shanpo launched a range of DIY speakers at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair recently.

The speakers are available in a range of animal designs and come flat packed, with consumers assembling both the outer shell and the speaker inside.

“We made this product to give people an experience they have never had,” says Valencia Jian of Shanpo.

“Anyone from elementary school to our grandmas can use this product and create speakers with their bare hands.”

In order to make assembling the speakers more interesting, Shanpo includes three sets of instructions with each set—a challenging version, a prompt version and a detailed version—so customers can choose how much guidance they want.

“We thought, ‘when was the last time you weren’t handcuffed by technology and enjoyed creating things with your bare hands?’” explains Jian.

The first speaker the Shanpo team created was a design that represents the Moai carved stone figures found on Easter Island.

“People in Taiwan are really interested in the Moai statues, so we went with this design first,” says Jian. “It’s a best-seller. Also popular is our Taiwanese black bear design.”

Shanpo was started by young Taiwanese entrepreneurs who have been friends since kindergarten and wanted to bring back some of their childhood innocence.

Although it is a relatively new brand, the speakers are already stocked in stores across Taipei and Jian says Shanpo is eager to find international distribution channels.

By Ruth Cooper