Eco and Basics makes it cool to be kind to the planet

More and more companies are introducing eco-friendly and sustainable products as consumers are looking for ways to live a life with less waste.

Eco and Basics is committed to making people environmentally conscious by motivating others to live more sustainably and reduce unnecessary waste, says founder Bianca White, and customers can experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing all products have gone through a rigorous testing regime and meet industry standards.

“My vision for Eco & Basics is to inspire other people to live a low waste lifestyle by curating a range of stylish and affordable ecofriendly products to replace single use products,” she says.

Eco and Basics has designed a range of earth friendly products that are environmentally friendly for a low waste lifestyle. A one-stop-eco-shop, the company features an innovative range of bath and kitchen products, food savers, stainless steel pegs and biodegradable keep cups.

Its silicone bags are the perfect size for snacks, meal prepping or packing. Designed for the freezer, microwave and oven, each are liquid tight and dishwasher safe. Kick cling-wrap to the curb with a pack of six silicon food covers that are super stretchy, fit over most size bowls (or fruit and veg) with an airtight seal that will keep those yummy leftovers fresh.

The covers are dishwasher and microwave safe and are the perfect starter kit to rid your kitchen of single use plastic. Each come packaged in a handy cotton bag for neat storage in your kitchen draw.

On average Australians use (at least) 52 disposable razors per year which takes hundreds of years to break down in landfill. That’s why Eco and Basics has created a collection of safety razors in matt white and rose gold.

On average plastic straws take four seconds to make, have four minutes of use and take 200 years to break down. Eco and Basics’ stainless-steel straws are available in a set of four including rainbow, rose gold, bent and straight. Each of the straws is available in two straight and two bent with a cleaning brush and are packaged in a cotton bag for when you're on the go.

The bamboo and stainless-steel cutlery collection is the perfect zero waste alternative for those on the go. The set consists of bamboo knife, fork and spoon, two stainless steel straws and a cleaner that are packaged in a handy lightweight wrap―the perfect size to take anywhere.

Rice husk keep cups are made sustainably from rice husks, a biodegradable eco-friendly material that is lighter and stronger than ordinary glass, are non-slip and grippy for little hands and super comfortable to carry. Available in rose, pistachio or ocean blue pastel colours, each is double insulated to keep your liquid warm for up to 90 minutes.