frank green launches homewares range, opens new warehouse facility

After launching Sustainable Sips―a range of certified organic, Fairtrade and ethically sourced loose-leaf teas and coffee―late last year, frank green has now moved into homewares.

With Australians discarding more than 50kg of single-use plastic per year, the reusable cup supplier is advancing in the war on waste with its newly launched homewares collection.

Founder and CEO Benjamin Young believes innovation in the reusable product space is key to solving the single-use plastic crisis and this home range is another example of frank green’s mission to rid the world of single-use plastic.

"To make lasting change, you must offer significantly more benefits than the single-use plastic alternative, so that customers are inspired to be more environmentally friendly,” he emphasises.

“We believe good design goes beyond looking good, with our home range we aim to change customer behaviour, maximise usability and fit seamlessly into customers’ lives.”

The home range is an extensive collection of environmentally friendly products including porcelain and stainless steel bowls, storage containers and utensils.

Creative director, Paul Troon, inspired the team to create the new award-winning range.

“The holy grail for us is making our customers’ day-to-day better―frank green is all about striking the perfect balance between form and function,” he explains.

“The new home range strikes that balance and I personally keep finding more and more uses for it. The Good Design Award is testimony to just how amazing they are,” says Troon, after winning a Good Design Award for design excellence this year.

Indeed, each product is more than meets the eye―in this range a bowl is not just a bowl. The porcelain bowl is multipurpose, enabling customers to cook, serve and store their food all in one. The lid features a silicone ‘smart venting system’ which is a pressure release button that simultaneously creates an airtight seal when pressed down and acts as a safety measure for easy release when pulled up.

The new premium stainless steel utensil set comes in polished silver and brushed gold finishes. It’s not just any old cutlery set―it’s ergonomically weighted for a high-end experience and comes with a premium silicone pouch for mess-free storage on the go. After use, the cutlery can be tipped into a dishwasher utensil basket and the pouch itself can be cleaned on the top rack in the open position, just like a cup.

“Right from the beginning frank green was always going to be much more than reusable coffee cups because the problem is so much bigger than that. The business has seen multi-year double digit growth and we’re using every little bit of that to invest in the very best solutions for people and the planet,” adds Young.

To further strengthen its commitment to the war on waste, frank green has invested in a 6,000 square metre warehouse facility in Melbourne’s inner west. 

The new frank green operations will house all Australian based manufacturing, ecommerce, wholesale, distributor and custom print orders on one super-site. It will provide new high skill local employment opportunities while improving operational efficiency and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

The move allows frank green to be more self-reliant in Australia with more control over its operations and environmental impact. Young is thrilled to mark this major milestone.

“The new frank green operations facility enables us to more efficiently prepare our customer’s orders, driving lower energy consumption and waste across our entire supply chain. It also delivers the best service experience to our loyal customers. This is critical to ensuring more people enjoy frank green products, reducing their reliance on single-use plastic ending up in landfills and choking our oceans.

“This is yet another example of our genuine commitment to investing in the Australian economy and helping our planet’s current environmental emergency caused by single-use plastic. The pandemic has accelerated our use of plastic and it needs to stop.”

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