Giftguide Christmas issue is out now!

What a year 2020 has been so far and as we are slowly returning back to normal, the upcoming Christmas season will be more important than ever. People have started looking for Christmas gifts a lot earlier this year for practical reasons (‘will I get my gifts in time?’) as well as emotional reasons (‘it has been a tough year, we want to make Christmas celebrations special’).

Fact is, Christmas will come early this year and businesses need to be prepared. Check out our social media feature on page 34 to find out how you can show up in time for the festive season and maximise your sales!

More than any other year, Christmas 2020 will be a time for joyful celebration in our communities. Shoppers will be looking for that Christmassy feeling when looking for gifts in stores and shopping centres. We share some expert tips on how you can decorate like a pro in order to stand out from the crowd this Christmas in our décor feature on page 6.

Don’t miss our interior feature on page 18 which is all about adding that personal touch to the home décor. We are talking removable wallpaper and DIY décor, while the colour theme is taking the Pantone colour of the year, Classic Blue, to a whole new level.

Our trends report on page 24 rounds up the best decorations for Christmas 2020, while the Christmasworld report on page 28 looks at trends and products we will see under and on the Christmas tree this year.

Get inspired by amazing Christmas displays from stores all around the world in our visual merchandising pages starting on page 12, while once again we have selected the best products for your store, which you can find on page 38

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