Green is the new black

Are you wondering what the trends will be for next Christmas? Green, that is matcha green, will be in vogue, as well as naturalness and sustainability.

In addition to green, blue will also be very popular and the deeper, richer and darker, the better. This includes powder pink and berry shades, earthy colours, and coral, the latest Pantone trend colour. But also the classics―gold, silver, white and black―and serene pastel colours should not be forgotten this year.

So what else can we look forward to?

Baubles and trees

Anything goes with Christmas trees decorations which means decorations in the shape of sausages also adorn the tree, as do soya sauce motifs, chocolate strawberries, doughnuts, croissants and ice-creams―lollies are an extremely popular motif this year.

They are joined by pom-pom decorations in cheerful colours, hand-blown teddy bears, emojis, lips, and modern interpretations of figures reminiscent of children’s book illustrations. At Christmas 2019, however, silver wristwatches can also be hung on the tree or from twigs, and the sea can be brought into the room with seahorses, jellyfish and fish.

Those who find this too frivolous can choose simple glass baubles with a milk glass effect and restrained patterns, simple paper stars or solid wood baubles painted with, perhaps, delicate floral motifs and twig designs.

Also on trend are bell-shaped baubles embellished with 24 carat gold, as well as elaborately painted baubles decorated with feathers and sequins, or painted with motifs from the Old Masters, such as Jan Vermeer’s 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'.

Materials: we love natural

Wood, cotton, linen, glass, ceramics, terracotta and recycled plastic and paper are raw materials to look out for this Christmas, with wood being the most popular one.

The material forms the basis for displays in the shape of trees, animals, plant containers, bowls, small hanging shelves, candle holders, lanterns, baubles, tree decorations and planters. Aside from artificial Christmas trees, there will be modern trees made of wood this year.

Ribbons & wrapping

The natural trend is also visible here with a strong focus on cotton, linen, jute and raffia. Renewable raw materials that are biodegradable come into play. Decorative gift tags made of thin wood, perhaps in the shape of cacti, or tassels and thick felt cords, broaden the scope for different wrapping possibilities.