Home furnishings collection launches online only

The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly changed the way people shop as online sales have increases exponentially, especially for home furnishings which spiked by 44 per cent.

With more people working from home many Aussies decided to overhaul their existing way of life and make the best use of their living spaces.

For Amart the increase in demand online was the perfect opportunity to launch its new Online Exclusive Collection.

“Since lockdown began in March, the home furnishings category has seen a huge uptick in online sales figures,” says Steve Norman, general manager of buying at Amart Furniture.

“The Online Exclusive Collection has been specifically designed for those online shoppers seeking out style and space saving, but who are not willing to compromise on quality or budget. We’ve been able to produce fresh new designs at our affordable prices and deliver them straight to your door.”

Indeed, our homes have turned into personal gyms, offices, bars and schools all at the same time as Australians are spending more time at home than ever before.

With more than 1.2 million occupied apartments currently in Australia, the Online Exclusive Collection has been designed with maximum space efficiency and functionality in mind and offers Amart’s biggest range of pieces for the entire home, at affordable prices, says Norman.

“We can all relate to making changes to the way we live in our homes at the moment, whether that’s creating a new office space from scratch or turning our living room into a makeshift restaurant, cinema and gym. Now more than ever, consumers need cost effective home solutions that save on space, money and time.”

As Australia braces for a global and local recession, the Online Exclusive Collection enables Australians to still improve the quality of their living spaces, but on an affordable budget, with prices starting from just $15, he adds.