How Covid-19 has created new opportunities for small business

Many businesses have had to improvise and create new revenue streams during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, now that restrictions are eased and consumers are starting to visit stores and shopping centres again, do businesses go back to their old ways (and products) or continue with the new ranges that have helped them through this very tough time?

For Catherine Cervasio from Aromababy there has been a silver lining amidst the retail downturn, paving the way for a new look website as well as new products.

The founder and skincare specialist says it’s so important to look for the positives when times are challenging. She launched Australian made, new fabric face masks in May followed by the development of two new products based on consumer demand.

“We received many enquiries from customers looking for dry skin relief in a natural, soothing product suitable for the entire family,” she explains.

“Also in hot demand is an Australian made (using Australian ingredients) hand sanitiser that did not contain synthetic thickening agents (or aloe vera which has been thickened with carbomer). It did take some time to get the formulation right, however, I’m pleased to say we were able to achieve a natural, locally produced sanitiser made with Australian grown ingredients. We see the need for hand sanitiser as continuing to be a part of the ‘new normal’, even post Covid-19,” Cervasio says.

Aromababy is also launching a series of new gifts in July and August, to coincide with a new gift registry now available on its website.

“We are mindful that our resellers are also going through challenging times so whilst it was important to build sales online ourselves due to retail closures, it was equally critical not to detract from our wholesaler focus.

“Because Aromababy’s packaging, whilst minimal, has such a lovely visual appeal, our hand sanitiser―like our bath and body products―will be a welcome addition to any home with baby and children. We will have both a smaller size and larger, refill size available for convenience. The smaller size will be included in some of our gorgeous new gift sets over the coming months. Forward orders now being taken.”

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