Trend alert: we're all about connecting & reconnecting in 2019

With many lifestyle shifts taking place in the home space, Helen Jamieson, Trend Bible’s senior trend strategist, looks at two trends for 2019 including colours, design directions and print patterns that retailers can utilise.

“A really great forecast can give you the confidence to invest in new ideas… the confidence that your products, marketing, and messages will be relevant and win,” she says.

Connected Souls

“Connected Souls invites us to imagine the home of the future as a place that supports our emotional and physical wellbeing,” Jamieson explains.

“Home becomes a distraction-free place where decoration is quiet and restful, adding a sense of calm. Technology blends in and flows seamlessly and instinctively with our everyday needs.”

Despite still being highly functional in terms of technology, this trend reflects clutter-free living that feels calm and contemplative. The soothing colour palette includes soft greens, grey-tinted blues and a delicate pink, with deep burgundy and vibrant turquoise to provide depth and contrast. 

Shapes and motifs are smooth and flowing with overlapping and flowing circles. You can also see elements such as tinted glass in subtle colours, arches and curves in furniture and quilted fabrics to add softness. Appropriate scents include calm, clean ones such as eucalyptus, menthol and peppermint.


“Grounded is driven by a longing for a sense of place and a desire to reconnect with the Earth,” explains Jamieson.

“As tech companies race to colonise Mars, we turn instead to the planet that we call home. Exploring its secrets and treasures, we unearth lost civilizations both real and imagined.”

As more consumers seek solace and the familiar, they are drawn to ‘barren desert landscapes and open skies’. Practices such as meditation will rise in popularity, as will remote retreat centres where people can turn inward, while connecting with nature around them.

Homes will assume an earthlier quality, where design takes on a “natural and rustic approach where objects have a real focus on craftsmanship and tactility”. The colour palette is a delicate balance of neutrals with bold pops of orange and blue. 

With a hand-crafted natural feel, you can also see elements such as rocks and stones, fringing and tufts for textiles, and rope details. Patterns include semi-circles, half-moons, and etchings.