Knox & Floyd appointed distributor for Antonio Juan dolls

Knox & Floyd has signed a distribution agreement with one of the largest handmade doll companies in the world, Antonio Juan.

The life-like dolls are designed and created in Spain. The company's entire manufacturing process is 100 per cent artisanal and made by hand. The history of the factory and the way of making the doll has not been lost. Antonio Juan considers itself as an artisan rather than a manufacturer.

The company has also made a commitment to reducing waste and its latest collection follows a whole process of sustainable production, in which all waste has been efficiently managed.

“We are the first (and only) company in the toy sector to obtain the certificate for the reuse of more than 90 per cent of our production waste,” the company states.

“We are also the first national company in the sector to introduce organic fabrics, which come from organic crops, free of pesticides, are hand-picked and transformed without chemical treatments.”

Antonio Juan dolls are available for purchase from early November.

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