Mediterranean inspired lifestyle brand Magna Blue launches to trade

Italian-Australian Natalie Calvi has launched a new lifestyle brand inspired by her Mediterranean heritage at Life Instyle Sydney.

The label, Magna Blue, has been in development for two years and features bags designed by Calvi and printed with images taken by her Greek-Australian husband, food and lifestyle photographer Con Poulos.

“The brand is a true celebration of our Mediterranean heritage,” says Calvi. “The products are inspired by our own personal experiences of sun-soaked beach to bar days, and the idea that every day should hold a promise or reminder of the relaxing getaway we have experienced or aspire to.”

Magna Blue’s debut range includes 100 per cent cotton canvas oversized beach bags, totes, market bags and pouches. They are designed in New York and Sydney, which Calvi and Poulos split their time between, and made in India, adding a handmade element to the range.

“The products are designed with love and practically but never forgetting the element of detail and fun…The photographs are primarily from Con’s personal portfolio. We want you to join us as we unfold our journey, starting from our roots in Greece and Italy and on to Australia.”

With Poulos travelling a lot for work, Calvi says she enjoys the flexibility of running her own business but, like many small business owners, says finding time to step away from work is a challenge.

“The flexibility of setting your own hours has been the biggest advantage of running my own business, especially when having a family, dealing with my husband’s work hours and managing his hectic travel schedule,” she says.

“The biggest challenge is being able to switch off from work and having some healthy down time, this can sometimes prove difficult.”

Calvi is excited to launch the brand to trade and says Magna Blue is perfect for stores that stock products with an artistic flair, whether they are a fashion boutique or beachside store.

In the future, retailers should look out for an expanded Magna Blue range, which will include homewares along with more of Poulos’ imagery and new tote bag shapes and sizes.

By Ruth Cooper

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