Quirky locker brand launches new products & colours

Lockers will never look the same again once you’ve seen the Mustard Made lockers for home living, kids’ rooms or work spaces.

Building on the success of their bestselling Shorty and Skinny, co-founders and sisters Becca and Jess recently added two new colours and sizes to their popular product range.

Colour is integral to the brand―so much so that the sisters named the company after their signature colour. The palette is now set to grow with the addition of Ocean and Berry, adding more opportunity to mix and match to create stylish combinations.

“We really wanted a blue that wasn’t a ‘baby blue’, but something more grown up which would work well with our current range,” says Becca.

In contrast, Berry is a deep, warm pink chosen to work with the trend for earthy shades like terracotta, rust and putty. “Our Blush lockers have been our biggest sellers so we know our customers can’t get enough pink,” adds Jess.

Becca has always had a thing for lockers, so when the sisters decided to start a business together it was an easy choice.

The name mustard fits them perfectly, they say. “It might not be for everyone, but those who love it, get it. It's a hot colour, hot condiment and now a hot new brand.”

The sisters also introduced their much-anticipated new designs―the Lowdown and The Midi. These are new two-door lockers adding to the practical possibilities. It’s the flexibility that really makes the new products exciting.

“I can see The Lowdown as a perfect TV unit but also in kids’ rooms filled with books and toys. I have The Midi in my hallway filled with shoes, umbrellas, hats and tote bags. All the stuff that used to clutter my home now has a stylish space to live,” Jess says.