Take the challenge with ethical marketplace Known Effects

Ethical and sustainable shopping is becoming more and more popular as consumers are looking for better alternatives to the disposable products that are currently available in the market.

Known Effects is an ethical marketplace where consumers can purchase products with complete confidence that the brands make their products themselves or are aligned with manufacturers who uphold strict fair trade agreements and have high ethical standards.

Founder Ainsley Schumacher says after lots of research and talking to heaps of small businesses and consumers she felt the industry was ready for a one-stop-shop ethical marketplace.

“We officially launched in July 2017,” she says. “We want to inspire shoppers to shop local, support small business and become more aware of the background of the product they are purchasing and how it was made. We love small businesses and we want to help businesses grow as ethically and sustainably as they can and by creating a community we are all helping and learning from each other.”

Known Effects is application based and product assessed and Schumacher says this is done so they can control what products and brands are listed on the website.

“Once an application is approved the brand can open and design their own store within the platform and list their products to start selling with their own Known Effects URL.

“Known Effects is currently a free platform for brands to create their shop with a small commission of sales. We include a range of advertising for the brands through vlogging, social media, blogging, PR and more,” she adds.

Late last year the platform introduced a new area called The Challenge, where each year either a Known Effects seller or team member will be given a challenge and alongside this challenge is raising money and awareness for a non-profit organisation.

“This will be our first goal achieved as it kicked off at the end of November 2017. You can check this out via our web page under The Challenge.”

Schumacher has big plans for the ethical marketplace and she wants to expand and take it abroad. “After a few years of growing our community and brands in Australia we plan to take off and start growing our business overseas, joining forces with some already made friends with the same ethical and sustainable goals.

“For our brands, we want them to grow with us (and outgrow us) and to be known and recognised as brands that are succeeding in their business the right way, ethically.

“For our community, our future plans are to deliver Known Effects markets around Australia so that our customers can meet the makers in one place and enjoy a day with like-minded people.”

By Marion Gerritsen