Tendence 2021 cancelled, focus turns to 2022

While they are talking about easing restrictions including travel, Europe is not out of the woods yet and given the ongoing regulations to contain the pandemic, Tendence will not take place in 2021 for the second time in a row.

The ongoing restrictions to contain the pandemic in Germany as well as abroad do not currently allow Tendence to be held on its planned date at the end of June 2021.

"We have therefore decided, even though this is anything but easy for us, to cancel Tendence now for the second time in a row,” says Stephan Kurzawski, member of the board of management of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition.

“All the more reason for us to concentrate, together with our exhibitors and visitors, on the coming spring and the successful staging of the leading trade fairs for the consumer goods industry such as Ambiente, Christmasworld and Paperworld. And in July, as usual, we are planning Nordstil in Hamburg,"

Germany has seen more than 100 days of lockdown and a recent report shows up to 120,000 stores are in danger of collapsing. To enable wholesalers and retailers to maintain and expand their business relationships beyond the trade fairs, Messe Frankfurt introduced Nextrade in 2019, an ordering and marketing tool that opens up new opportunities in these volatile times.

By using the platform, retailers can make up for their backlog of orders. At the same time, they can discover new suppliers and the latest trends there. Buyers can place their orders with the connected suppliers around the clock, digitally and thus also independently of current regulatory measures, without any additional costs.

Messe Frankfurt has also introduced Conzoom Solutions, a knowledge platform that offers consumer goods retailers a wide range of services such as studies, trend presentations, workshops and instructions for the point of sale.