The Chocolate Workshop launches edible tools in Hong Kong

If you are looking for something a bit different for your store, then a toolset made from chocolate could be the gift that will fly off your shelves this year.

The delicious designs are made by UK company The Chocolate Workshop, and co-owner and managing director, Ed Starr, says he loves the reaction from customers when they realise the tools are made from chocolate

“We love the reaction our chocolate gets when people see it for the first time,” he says. “It constantly spurs us on to keep adding new amazing creations to our range, so we can keep on surprising people every time they see us.”

Starr and his business partner Damian Toms do things a bit differently when it comes to promoting their products. For example, at Christmastime they took their chocolate to about 75 shopping centres in the UK and just recently they did the same in Australia.

“We took our tools to about seven Westfield shopping centres in Australia where we operated chocolate kiosks and we have had great feedback. We only just returned in time for the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair.

“We’ve had great interest at the show from buyers from Australian chain stores as well as stores from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.”

Starr and Toms thought of the innovative concept back in 2014, when Starr was working in food marketing and Toms in food production.

“We have been friends for 20 years and wanted to make a chocolate corkscrew. We tried to find a chocolatier in Italy and we eventually found one, and they now do the production for us exclusively. It is great to see how we both have grown together in such a short time.”

Starr adds they are about to appoint a franchisee in Australia in October and they are looking forward to growing the brand down under.

By Marion Gerritsen