Trend alert: green is the new neutral

While the world is still dealing with the impact of Covid, when it comes to home interiors, calming and soothing styles continue to dominate.

As we move into 2022, Becca Stern, co-founder and creative director at homewares brand Mustard Made, says colour trends within the home this year will continue to favour the peaceful and calming, with natural, earthy tones of green emerging as a strong theme for the year.

“From olive to sage, eucalyptus to mint, tones of naturally-inspired green will be a huge trend this year,” says Stern.

“While we’ve spent so much more time in our homes over the last few years inspiring the trend towards calm and comfort, we’re also yearning for the wholesome simplicity of being in nature, especially green environments.

“We’ll see this translate into natural greens being used as the foundation of many interior colour palettes―green will essentially become the neutral that anchors the design and styling of a space.”

Whether it’s kitchen cabinetry, a new colour on walls, revamping soft furnishings or investing in a new statement piece, the calming, soothing qualities invoked by introducing green tones into the home will bring a sense of peace, as well as a very on-trend look, she adds.

“To really lean into the organic, earthy vibe, layer multiple green tones to create a textured look and depth of colour that is both sophisticated and serene.”

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