Upcycling―making the old new again

The Feast-Watson Re-Love project follows the upcycling (or re-love) journey of several designers, who transform worn pieces of timber furniture into a stunning, unique statement piece.

In line with the whole recycling and upcycling movement, when completed, all re-loved Feast Watson items will be auctioned on Instagram at the end of this month, with proceeds going to charities of the designers’ choice.

Melbourne-based stylist and art director, Natalie Turnbull redesigned a solid timber desk and coffee table, featuring a statement green stripe that coordinates well with her matching accessories.

“After searching through many thrift stores and websites I came across the desk and matching coffee table, both of which really spoke to me through their simplicity,” she explains.

“For inspiration and creating the final look, I imagined the pieces in my own home where things are quite graphic with a modern softness. I was looking at a lot of minimal interiors and also the combination of a natural green with really natural, light wood. The combination seems to work so well together, and highlights the design of the pieces.”

Turnbull has never upcycled a piece of furniture before as she has got quite a modern design style.

“I never really thought about recycling an older piece to give it that modern look. Making this a reality was a really rewarding process and has completely changed my perspective on buying furniture.

“When upcycling a piece, I believe the importance is in the planning. My advice would be to take your time to choose the right piece or, if you already have a piece you love, explore some different options with finishes and the products available to achieve the look you’re after. If you have a clear vision in mind and you plan for it, you can enjoy the fun part: the process.

“For me, it’s all about choosing something that speaks to you―that’s really important,” she continues. “I loved my selected pieces for their simplicity in shape, which really allowed me to see their potential in so many other ways.”

The proceeds from Turnbull’s pieces will go to Challenge, a charity focusing on supporting kids with cancer.