9 gift wrapping tips for your store

According to Wrapco founders Carolyn and Harry Dam, complimentary gift wrapping should be used as a marketing tool―it is an opportunity for retailers to promote their business and offer a service not normally available from online stores, rather than an added cost to doing business.

“They should promote great complimentary gift wrapping as part of their offer that customers will really value, bringing them back time and again to their store.

“Also, shoppers will continue to browse and do compulsively purchase while their gift is being wrapped. Use beautifully wrapped gifts as part of your visual merchandising to show the standard of wrapping offered free with the purchase of a gift at the store.”

Here are some of Wrapco’s top tips for complimentary gift wrapping:

1 Use quality weight gift wrapping paper that has a high tear strength. There is nothing worse than having to start wrapping again because corners have burst through during the wrapping process.

2 Teach your staff to wrap well. Only then will customers return because of this great benefit to them. So many customers say that they cannot wrap well and often will really appreciate you doing their wrapping really well.

3 Always cut gift wrapping with a sharp pair of scissors. Purchase good quality clear tape or clear gift seals for a professional finish.

4 Pre wrap. To save time in a busy rush period have pre-wrapped gifts you know will be popular on shelf and use this as part of your shelf display. One of our major customers always has nearly half their shelf space stocked with pre-wrapped products ready to go in the busy season of Christmas. Their customers intimately know their products and love the fact that it is beautifully wrapped and ready to go immediately.

5 Don’t wait until the last minute to order Christmas gift wrap stock. Yes, we design and make it in Australia but there are only so many hours in our day as well and we sometimes run out of stock of certain designs. Not having the design you and everyone else wants available can disappoint.

6 Choose Australian designed and manufactured gift wrapping knowing that you are helping to keep good jobs in Australia and protect the environment.

7 Have a sign stating your store offers complimentary gift wrapping and that you find it a real joy to offer that service. Don’t be a curmudgeon about having to offer free gift wrapping but instead try and do it at every opportunity with delight. Make sure that a range of complimentary gift wrapping is properly displayed at the point of purchase.

8 Belli-Bands are great for accessorising gift wrapping. Have a range of cards available to purchase that can be added at the time of wrapping or offer a complimentary gift tag to go with the gift.

9 Finish your gift wrapping with a small seal with your business logo on it—this is great way to promote your business to the recipient of the gift as well. Protect the wrapping by placing it in a branded carry bag.

For basic tips to get you going go to www.wrapco.com.au/blog/category/wrapping-tips/

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