Are you ready for a retail renaissance?

The retail industry is going through a retail renaissance, not just in Australia but on a global level.

Instead of retail dying, which we are reading everywhere, it is actually changing and brands and stores need to rethink the consumer experience to thrive in this tough climate.

This also means trade fairs need to rethink their strategies and offer an elevated buying experience to ensure both exhibitors and visitors get the most out of the event.

NY NOW introduced many new and exciting features and events at the recent summer market.

“The NY NOW summer market continued redefining the attendee experience with an ongoing focus on the retail renaissance that is well underway,” says Kevin O’Keefe, EVP, Emerald Expositions.

“NY NOW is and will be the market that everyone is watching from show to show to see what the future of retail looks like and they’re not going to want to miss it.”

And the changes haven’t gone unnoticed. NY NOW is a huge part of Foundry 42+’s sourcing.

“I love how NY NOW is going into this new level,” says owner Cooper Boone.

"They're re-imagining the show and getting very creative, so they're listening too. They get it, and they're changing their programs. This market has been markedly different, and I think really improved and very buyer friendly. There's an excitement in the air, so I love the direction that they're going in.

“It's nice to see familiar faces but I also try challenge myself and go into booths that I necessarily wouldn't, to push myself to being open, and I find some really lovely surprises. Coming to NY NOW really enables me to find new vendors as well as continue the relationships with my ongoing vendors, and that makes a difference for me. It's a very efficient show as a buyer.”

So what are some of the new features?

1 The first ever Fashion Runway at NY NOW―curated by Farai Simoyi, models visited the booths of brands that participated in the runway and carried signs throughout the event that encouraged everyone to ‘ask them who they were wearing’.

2 Transcend Talks―providing the absolute latest on social media best practices, real trend views from the leaders in retail and design, how to run a business and be financially successful, to inspirational stories about the passions that helped some speakers launch their businesses, and many more.

3 Transcend Showcase Displays―where Robin Baron, from Robin Baron Design, worked with top industry designers Steven Favreau, Michael Tavano, Beth Diana Smith, Kiyonda Powell, Bjorn Bjornsson, Benjamin Huntington, Amal Kapen, and Joan Ravasay to create four Transcend spaces providing attendees with provocative displays of what inspirational experience looks like.

4 Holiday House NYC @ NY NOW featured six top designers led by Iris Dankner. Bringing to life the Holiday House onto the show floor to showcase the different lifestyle that can be created with products from brands while also celebrating life events and raising funds with the NY NOW Cares Silent Auction Campaign to benefit breast cancer research.

5 NY NOW Awards Night where all the winners of the Best New Product Awards were honoured.