Aussie retailer helps lost and unwanted dogs

Retail today is different to what it was five to 10 years ago with many businesses moving online, cutting out the middle-man and partnering with other companies or charities to give back to the community.

The traditional retail model doesn’t allow customers to receive the full benefits of the products they purchase, explains Rob Knight, founder and CEO of Billy’s Beds.

“By moving online, we are able to connect with our customers and provide them with the products and services they expect.

“Not only that, but by taking out importers, distributors and even salespeople, we are able to give the products a higher standard as well as going the extra mile of giving back.”

Christmas in particular is a time for people to reflect and think about others, rather than just themselves. Billy’s Beds is one business that is making a difference through the products it sells by donating some of the sales proceeds to The Lost Dogs’ Home.

Knight says too many animals are without a home and inevitably have to be put down.

“But our customers have the opportunity to help. We love all animals and care about their wellbeing, so to support The Lost Dogs’ Home is nothing less of an honour,” he says. 

“Last year the RSPCA euthanised 5,800 dogs so if our work can save just one dog from that fate then it’s all worth it.” 

His cousin’s loss of his rescue dog Billy inspired Knight to build a business that he is passionate about and enhances the lives of other rescue dogs.

“Having seen the amazing work the team does at The Lost Dogs’ Home in Melbourne, I knew there was no other place better than this to support. 

“They deal with thousands of animals every day, with a whopping 93 per cent of dogs reunited, rehomed or sent to rescue.”

The retailer names its beds after the pets of close friends and relatives. Knight adds that all products are made in Australia and fabric is sourced from Warwick.

“Not only is the money from our products going to a place it needs to go, but it is also staying within our shores to help the local economy.

“We love sharing our products with animal lovers and hope to encourage more people to look at adopting pets to avoid the nasty future homeless animals can face,” he adds.

“Our customers can now sleep comfortably, all the while knowing that their money is making a difference.”

By Marion Gerritsen