Bed & bath―check out our latest digital issue!

Did you know that fashion trends significantly affect demand for soft furnishings such as bedding? Or how green consumerism has impacted the manufacturing processes, making companies alter product formulations for skin and body care?

You can find these trends and more in our latest digital magazine, this time with a focus on the bed & bath sector.

We talk to David Colquhoun from Mediterranean Markets about the company’s journey after it moved from retail to wholesale. The family business has been in the industry for more than 15 years and its recipe for success is great customer service. Read more on page 22.

Old school meets modern Aussie design at Melbourne store Davies & Son. Founder Michelle Davies is all about doing business the old school way in a local community. Her store has a nostalgic feel to it, due in part to the music she plays and the vintage pieces used as shop fittings. Check out her story (and some lovely store images) on page 20

In today’s disposable society we try to find ways to make the items we buy last longer. Kids’ (bedroom) furniture has gone through a design revolution and besides looking like it should be part of the home décor it is also functional, making its way from a kid’s bedroom to a teen’s room and eventually into the lounge room. Incy Interiors’ Kristy Withers takes us through this transition on page 24.

On page 8 we chat to Alix Pollet-Dalle who is the first woman to be in charge of French company Saneco. Realising that the brand needed to join the digital age she launched, an e-concept store devoted to a ‘linen lifestyle’. We also caught up with Brigid van Heerden of New Zealand based The Aromatherapy Company, you can read our Q&A on page 26.

Toothcrush is an eco-friendly bamboo handled toothbrush available only through a subscription service. We spoke to founder Annabel Hurman about this innovative concept on page 18.

And of course we have the latest products for your store shelves on page 30 as well as a selection of the best store displays from around the world on page 12.

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