Bubba Organics partners with Disney for new range

If Disney comes knocking on your door to collaborate on a new range, you surely must be doing something right to get their attention.

For Bubba Organics owners, Mel and Kerri, it was a humbling experience to know that they were shining through the crowd with their unique, premium and honest offering.

“Disney Australia had been searching for a premium Australian skincare brand to partner with for their baby category,” they say.

“They wanted a premium brand that was honest and had a clear understanding of who it was.  They fell in love with the Bubba Organics range of products and asked if we would partner with them to create a baby range utilising one of their iconic characters.”

The Winnie the Pooh baby hair & skin care range features all the wonderful and natural ingredients that Bubba Organics is known for.

“Since our launch in early 2016, Bubba Organics has been providing Australian families with truly 100 per cent natural skincare products. From day one, we were committed to be a brand that parents could trust―an ethically produced, Australian made skincare line that was genuine about transparency. No cheap fillers and nothing hidden or harmful, just the very finest nature-sourced ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness and suitability for extra-sensitive skin,” they explain.

“We do not compromise on the quality of our ingredients and research tirelessly to ensure that the products are completely natural and effective with zero synthetics and chemicals.  As a result of our commitment to always consider the ingredients first our entire range has been certified toxic-free. We don't use cheap fillers such as water but rather have a nurturing base of aloe vera across the range and we always exclude all known natural irritants. We never enhance the sound of our products by including a myriad of essential oils as essential oils can cause irritation and it is for this reason that every product in the Bubba Organics range is Australian Allergy Certified. We have an unwavering focus on being eco-friendly in everything we do.”

Bubba Organics is uniquely Australian through and through with a strong brand message and focus, and the duo realises that there is a big difference between being an Australian company and being truly and uniquely Australian made and owned.

“At Bubba Organics, we work very hard to ensure that we use local manufacturers at every opportunity. If it can be made here, it’s important to us that we support local industry, helping it to thrive for future generations.

“We don’t import our formulas and then bottle them here. Nor do we import our bottles and tubes and then package them here. We can proudly say that all our formulas, bottles and tubes, brochures and POS are created by local manufacturers, but supporting local is not always easy. Local manufacturers are hard to come by as they are unable to compete with the international powerhouses like China. Keeping our prices affordable while supporting Australian manufacturing is extremely challenging at times but always very rewarding.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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