Sustainability, upcycling & tips on making your store eco-friendly in this month’s eco magazine

The concept is simple enough―reduce, reuse, recycle. But where do you start? There is a lot of information (and misinformation) out there and with almost every brand scrambling to make themselves ‘green’, it can often be difficult to know what to believe and where to begin. 

We share some tips on how to make your store eco-friendly and sustainable on page 18.

Uppercup is the ultimate solution for the coffee obsessed and environmentally passionate. For the founders of Uppercup it has always been about providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, but also creating and supporting Australian jobs.

In our Q&A on page 6 we chat to Uppercup about the importance of creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

While 2020 and Covid-19 for most businesses have meant financial backlash and struggle through a crippling economy with consumer spending shifting, it has been a matter of a sink or swim with brands few and far shutting their doors.

However, for one young Aussie designer it has been an opportunity to reset, readjusting the manufacturing processes of her $7 million a year brand, saying goodbye to fast fashion and relaunching with a collection that is 100 per cent sustainable, ethically sourced and produced in child-free environments. Check out our article on IIXIIST on page 32.

Don’t miss our upcycling feature with Upparel, a brand that went from a sock subscription model to become a leader in textile upcycling. Launched in 2016 as Manrags, the founders became increasingly concerned about the long-term impact of textiles on our world. And so the husband and wife team decided to shift from making clothes to playing a lead role in upcycling and shaping the circular economy, through its circular fashion model. Read more on page 26.

In our trends feature eco-friendly meets incredible design, while our visual merchandising pages are all about inspirational product displays to do some good and save the planet. We have also selected the latest sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical products for your store shelves.

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