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Whether you’ve been an eco-warrior for many years, or your interest has grown as the welfare of the environment has received more traction, eco-conscious consumerism is now more prevalent than ever. 

In our day-to-day lives, with eco coffee cups, sustainable clothing, the ban on single-use plastic bags, and also throughout our home interiors, it’s amazing how much choice there is for consumers.

As the go-to boutique event for trade and retailers, this year Life Instyle Sydney is bringing the chicest and most sustainable products on the market to the retail industry’s major decision makers. 

From this Thursday 21 February to Sunday 24 February, a hand-picked collection of sustainable, ethical and mindful brands will be showcased in a brand new area at Life Instyle―The Neighbourhood. As Life Instyle’s new home for a curated collection of like-minded brands, and with a focus this year on purchasing with integrity while remaining stylish, The Neighbourhood’s theme is A Conscious Community. 

Meet some of the brands involved: 

Eco Nation Co―represents brands with an eco ethos, including the likes of Earth Bottles, Shave with Valor, Bask Aromatherapy and Luk Beautifoods, making it easy for consumers to be eco-conscious in every aspect of their lives.

Briody Scholes, founder

What inspired the launch of your business? 

I began my journey with beautiful eco products working for Earth Bottles (a brand that I represent) as the sales and marketing manager. After attending Life Instyle and seeing Earth Bottles have such success I knew I wanted to give that opportunity to other small businesses who perhaps didn't have the time or confidence to go out their on there own. This is where the idea of ECOnation was born. I love beautiful things but I also have a passion for living sustainably, I believe it doesn't have to cost the earth to have them. 

Why are you a part of The Neighbourhood at Life Instyle?

ECOnation Collective is part of The Neighbourhood because this year the there is 'A Conscious Community'. ECOnation Collective is for the conscious consumer and we love to offer you products and brands that are one or more of all of the following―ethical, sustainable, mindful, cruelty free, Australian Made, Fair Trade and artisan/handmade. We represent brands with ethos and who lead with passion. I love what I do!

Why is being a sustainable and ethical brand important to you?

I have four gorgeous children and I want to teach them how to look after our planet. I want to show them that by making small changes you can have a big impact and I want to inspire others to do the same.  

Conscious Swim―creates kids swimwear made from econyl yarn―recycled nylon waste and abandoned fishnets recovered from the ocean floor―and donates $1 of each purchase to the preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Tonia Bastyan, creative director Conscious Swim

What inspired the launch of your business?

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years we wanted to create a brand that took a more responsible approach to clothing manufacture and making sure that every business decision is a conscious one and that pays due-respect to the environment. 

Why are you a part of The Neighbourhood at Life Instyle?

Being Conscious Swim we are already part of the Conscious Community that Life Instyle is highlighting this year. 

Why is being a sustainable and ethical brand important to you?

It’s really important for us as we believe fashion and clothing should be a force for good. We have the ability to use clothing as a way to educate, give back and support both people and planet. We want to inspire children to see how one man’s waste can become another’s resource. By using recycled and regenerated fibres in our swimwear fabrics and where possible recycled or biodegradable labelling and packaging we are reducing the reliance on our finite natural resources. We want to showcase how brands of the future should do business and brands of the present can evolve! 

Ahimsa Collective is a luxury handbag and accessories brand that uses sustainable materials such as Pinatex (fibres from pineapple leaves), washable paper and headstock (off-cuts from high-end fashion houses) to create stunning accessories that have minimal effect on the environment.

Lisa Moroney, marketing director

What inspired the launch of your business?

We individually shared the same desire and ‘wish’, wanting a better option from the fashion industry. Leather handbags and accessories were the norm and that didn’t sit well with us. It also didn’t sit well with us to support and purchase alternatives made from PU because of the environmental impact and harmful emissions that production process has. We each looked for alternatives that were ethical to both animals, human workers and the environment, but also ticked the box for luxe design. In the end, we couldn’t find anything so we got off our arses and decided to make it ourselves. We knew we weren’t alone in looking for this cruelty-free and luxury mix, so that’s where the Ahimsa Collective journey began. 

Why are you a part of The Neighbourhood at Life Instyle?

Because we can’t do this alone. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people and businesses and working together to help educate and change a powerful industry is important to us. It’s through these connections and communities [neighbourhoods] where we draw a lot of inspiration and excitement for the future.

Why is being a sustainable and ethical brand important to you?

Because we need it to be important. You need it, our neighbours need it and the world needs it. Our aim is to not just be environmentally friendly but also environmentally beneficial. Our intention is to reduce the amount of waste on the planet and the impact of the fashion industry. Our ethos is based on not only reducing our footprint on the planet―but built on an attempt to reverse it. It doesn’t get more important than trying to bring alternative luxury products to a market which is one of the world’s heaviest polluters across emissions, waste and our water ways. It’s also just as important for us to help aid in bringing transparency to a world where people in fortunate countries are quite quick to put on their blinkers and avoid the truth behind where their purchases come from and who is making them.

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