EnviroTrend launches reusable veggie bags

EnviroTrend has added another eco-friendly product to its expanding portfolio, VeggieSAK, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Best known for its SAKitToMe reusable shopping bags, EnviroTrend’s sales manager Lisa Lockhart says the reusable veggie bags are a nice flow on product to go with its reusable shopping bags.

“That’s really how it came about,” she says. “It is a product that has so much potential as more and more people move away from plastic and are shopping at local markets. It complements our range so well.”

The veggie bags come in a set of five, which fits inside the small carry bag. All the bags have a draw string to open and close and they can be clasped to your other shopping bags or your handbag so you don’t forget them. Lastly, EnviroTrend has used its own beautiful prints on the bags which makes the shopping experience a little fancier.

“All of our products are reusable, foldable and fashionable. So the veggieSAK fits in very well as it is compact, you can wash and reuse the bags and they look bright and colourful hanging off your shopping bags. You can even match the designs of our veggieSAK’s and our reusable shopping bags. They looks very stylish together.”

The VeggieSAK is available now and Lockhart expects the veggie bag to do well in Australia.

“The local Australian market is becoming very aware of using sustainable products that are useful in everyday life, products that will help the environment today and into the future. All of our products do this by being able to reuse them for so many years. This is why Australians will love the veggieSAK as well,” she adds.

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