Equestrian-inspired candle range launches in Australia

Many entrepreneurs are inspired by their surroundings and the everyday things that make them happy, and it was no different for Angela Ceberano when she launched her new candle range, Marco & Co.

The new collection infuses elegance with memories at the stables and unforgettable trail rides, to create hope, freedom, passion and inspiration through a scent story in a jar, she explains.  

“Marco & Co. is inspired by my wonderful horse, Marco,” she says. “He has brought me so much happiness and he has undoubtedly calmed my restless mind, warmed my soul and reignited my passion for life.

“Some of my happiest times have been days spent with my horse. I created a range of candles that allows me to close my eyes and be transported to a time and place of peace and happiness.”

As a horse owner who lives in the city, Ceberano says the idea came from many stressful days in the office where she just wanted to escape to the stables.

“What truly inspired the concept was that during a long, hectic work day, I would sneak down to my car in the basement of our office and pull out my saddle so I could inhale the scent of my horse. Somehow, during a stressful moment, this seemed to calm me down. It reminded me that there is life outside the office.

“After working ridiculous hours and seeing my health decline, I knew something had to change. Finding a hobby that encouraged me to get away from the office and forced my busy mind to settle was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my wellbeing.”

Made and hand poured in Australia, each soy candle formula gives off an elevated and unique perfume that can’t be replicated. The scents are elegant, layered and complex blends of bespoke fragrances, says Ceberano.

“Scents can unlock some of our fondest memories and my favourite scent memory is from the days I’ve spent with Marco―fresh country air, sea breezes, cedar shavings and saddlery. We can all get so caught up in a fast paced life that we forget to schedule in time for ourselves.”

The candle range includes fragrances such as Mountain Trail Ride, inspired by a ride through the trees; In The Stables evokes aromatic notes of the warmth and moodiness of the stables; Ocean Ride is the lightest and most feminine of the collection while Western Saddle is the most dynamic and the most masculine of the four fragrances.

“So much love, joy and passion has been hand poured into each candle. We are a brand that encourages quiet moments and self-reflection. May our candles encourage others to pause and reflect on all the beautiful moments between the chaos of a ‘busy’ life.”

Marco & Co By Angela Ceberano is available now.

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