Furniture retailer Matt Blatt goes retro with new range

Due to popular demand, furniture and homewares retailer Matt Blatt has added new pieces to its United Strangers collection including leather sofas, marble coffee tables, cabinets, armchairs and dining furniture.

The brand’s distinctive look is modern vintage, inspired by iconic old New York neighbourhoods and the owner, Logan Komorowski’s, fondness for yesteryear. He then strives to re-create those products to appeal to a contemporary crowd.

Exclusively available through Matt Blatt, the new range is centred on original, sustainable furniture and homewares.

“One of the things which makes United Strangers really stand out is the fact many of their designs are crafted to showcase materials above all else,” says Matt Blatt founder, Adam Drexler.

“Besides recycled military materials, our range also features products crafted from materials which were chosen because of the way they’ll age and improve with time, such as brass, hand-finished leather, distressed metal and quality timbers.”

The team behind the sustainable brand consists of a mix of backgrounds and skills, with people coming from all over the globe including New Zealand, France, Canada, Korea, China and Mexico.

Founder and New Zealand native Komorowski started making recycled furniture when he was 16 years old. Environmentally-minded from a young age, Logan’s passion was to bring together a sustainable vision with an appreciation for unusual design.

After honing his expertise with local architects and designers in both London and LA, lifestyle brand United Strangers was born in 2009―not as a furniture company, but as a socially responsible design community.

“For us, the materials of each piece of furniture are its DNA, they inspire its design and tell its story,” he explains.

“As a result, we’ve established our own metal foundry, so we can create fresh finishes, such as flared copper, gunmetal and kingpin brass, which are processed in a six-stage hand-finishing process to build a sense of depth. Similarly, our leather is imported from South America and processed in our own leather finishing plant, enabling us to release distinctive leathers for each collection.”