Furniture retailer opens second store

The trend for handmade products has certainly created some great opportunities for Crafted Furniture, as it opens a second showroom in Crows Nest after only launching its flagship store in mid-2019.

Today’s consumers are growingly concerned about what goes into the products that they buy―whether it’s unknown materials, unethical labour practices, or wasteful construction methods, every facet of a product comes under more scrutiny than ever, says owner Justin Burden.

“More and more we’re seeing customers that care about what’s behind what they’re purchasing,” he explains.

“We’ve never been interested in following the fast furniture trend―we don’t want to create products that look good for a season and are then discarded.”

Crafted Furniture’s philosophy is all about producing locally, always being transparent about its products and always providing a personalised customer service experience that can’t be matched, adds, Burden.

“Our furniture is handmade in Sydney, so we have full control of what we’re making. We don’t have to tell our customers that a piece only comes a certain way.”

Crafted Furniture has also recently partnered with Westbury Textiles to offer a range of eco-friendly Belgian Linen in store.

“For us this was a natural partnership―Belgian flax is both sustainable and recyclable, and requires far less resources to produce than cotton. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks and feels absolutely stunning.”

The new store is now open.