Gibson launches new children’s eyewear range

Tapping into the successful kids market, Aussie gift wholesaler Gibson Importing recently launched a new collection aimed at youngsters.

Freckles Accessories is a new eyewear brand as part of Gibson Eyewear and was created by the design team in Melbourne.

“Gibson Eyewear brands cater to the fashion, sport and safety market,” says product manager Alison Atkins. “Freckles Accessories complements our existing brands and caters to the younger market.”

Since launching with eyewear, the brand has grown to encompass kids’ fashion accessories and gift lines.

“Designed for cool kids Freckles Accessories is fun, playful and stylish,” she says. “The Freckles Accessories range includes bright and colourful sunglasses, canvas bags, bracelets, necklaces, hairbands, hair brushes, hair ties and clips.  

“We provide a fashion and basic school range and we also cater for babies with our baby sunglass range.”

For retailers that would like to stock the brand there is plenty of choice. They can take on a selected range of accessories, eyewear and gifts or a combination of all products.

“The brand offers fashionable product, competitive price points and complete merchandising solutions,” adds Atkins. “The Freckles Accessories brand is on numerous social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, plus our own website.” 

Freckles Accessories is currently stocked in over 250 stores Australia wide and Atkins expects the take up to increase dramatically, especially with the festive season getting closer and retailers looking for (last-minute) gifts to stock their shelves.

“Freckles Accessories launched in July and the product range is growing. Our latest range of fashion accessories has just arrived, with further deliveries expected pre-Christmas.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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