Innovative Aussie product Bagmate is the perfect post-Covid accessory

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only impacted our lifestyle but also the way we do things to stay healthy and safe.

And it’s the little things that come out on top such as Bagmate, a simple yet oh-so-effective and easily installed hook, designed to sit under a seated bench or table that holds your bag off the ground.

Creator and founder of Hookit’s Bagmate, Jennifer Lust, says it is perfect for any place where being safer, organised and hygienic is important.

“What I don’t love is putting my bags on the floor anywhere, even before Covid-19,” she iterates.

“And even in my own home where people have walked and kids have played. This is not only for health reasons and convenience, but also to deter and prevent the swift grab-and-run bag snatcher.

“A little germaphobic, yes maybe, but if there is an option of hanging my bag, I’ll always take it, and this is where the idea of Bagmate was born.”

Indeed, when Lust was backpacking around Europe, UK and US in 1999, she always found herself worrying there was nowhere safe to stow her bag out in public with all of her personal belongings. Being a sailor, she likes everything stowed and safe: cue the inspiration behind Bagmate that launched in 2007.

“Like many other businesses, creating awareness has been a challenge. I have been trying to play the germ card for years, with not much pick-up. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has made people stand up and pay attention but it is a shame it had to come to that.”

Designed in Australia, and from January 2021 also made in Australia, the ergonomic and sleek design is both unobtrusive and kind to legs and stockings as there are no sharp edges. The innovative product is lightweight, yet can hold over 100kg. The engineered design is specific in weight distribution under a table or flat surface unlike any normal hook for vertical use. Bagmate comes in various colours and styles.

“Customers love them and choose establishments with them over those without. Business owners are happy as it keeps clutter off the floor, spare chairs and tables that could be used for extra customers. It also keeps staff safe from trip hazards.”

In fact, Lust wants to get the word out to every business owner that they should not open their doors without offering this service to their customers. “Bags are dirty―everyone should be thinking seriously about cross-contamination.

“We want everybody to know about Bagmate and to expect it to be installed at their local. Who knows, maybe even Ronald McDonald himself will wake up and smell the coffee.”

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