Japanese booklets now available in Australia

If you are looking for a product that’s different, the Kurumi booklets might be the perfect fit.

Nicole McCarthy, owner of Hands On Workshop, saw them at the Japan Hobby Show and knew they would be great for the Australian market.

“I found them so cute and tactile,” she says. “I can see why kids and young paper crafters like playing with them. Once you've made one and decorated it, you want to try another."

The booklets measure 10x10cm and have eight pages of paper. Kits also include pre-cut cardboard and stick panels and coloured paper panels to use as covers, which can be decorated by stamping, using washi tape or fabric embellishment.

 "They're big enough for little kids to write their special notes, stories, inventions and prototypes. Or girls and young women to write up as short travel diaries or recipe booklets... It complements the other paper crafting tools and materials they would already have, like stamps, pens, pencils and washi tape.

"We used fabric offcuts with mod podge, and Nuno Deco, the iron-on fabric tape to decorate the covers. It's just the type of archiveable project which appeals to young people."

The kits―which come in two sizes and include coloured paper covers and illustrated instructions―also make great Christmas gifts. "The illustrated instructions are in Japanese but it's easy to follow the steps," McCarthy adds.

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