Ken Hom turns up heat at Ambiente

Ken Hom contributed to the buzzing atmosphere at Ambiente with two cooking demonstrations on the DKB stand. Hom used one of his new non-stick carbon steel woks as well as new cooking oils from Cole & Mason.

“When I first started, I refused to have non-stick woks as they just couldn’t get hot enough but non-stick technology has advanced so much,” he says.

Hom describes the new range as “taking cookware to a new frontier”. The new ‘extra strong’ coating is on both interior and exterior of the new wok range, which also features striking new packaging, based on a portrait that Hom owns and particularly likes.

Hom puts all his products through rigorous testing. “I feel that if it is good enough for a chef, it is good enough for households. I also give my woks to fellow chefs and get great feedback.

“The only problem is that my woks last so long so people don’t need to buy again,” he jokes. “But it is great when people often tell me they have been using my woks for 30 years.”

Hom also enjoys doing in-store demonstrations (having just spent 10 days in the UK to help celebrate Chinese New Year). “I learn a lot from people―I get feedback that helps me build up my knowledge and helps me to show how people can get maximum benefit from cookware, as well as help to improve products.”

This is Hom’s seventh appearance at Ambiente over his many years of working with DKB. “I have seen the show grow―it’s amazing and it has become much more international.”

Hom cooked two dishes in his demonstrations, with plenty of tips for his audience including how to use his cleaver to slice peppers and crush garlic, plus insights into the health benefits of stir frying. Talking about his new packaging, he emphasises how it will stand out in retail stores. “Show people my products are here!”