Koskela’s new furniture range focuses on family

Koskela is introducing a collection of living room furniture designed to adapt to the lifestyle of families of all kinds, growing and changing with them along their life journeys.

The new range includes a sofa, three coffee tables and TV unit, made from Victorian ash timber and Sydney sandstone, focusing on the longevity and repairability of each item.

Both materials stay true to Koskela's sustainability and minimum impact mission, says founder Sasha Titchkosky.

“Like all recent Koskela products, our new range is designed to be easy to repair or refresh to keep it looking great for years to come as we aspire to create ‘future heirlooms’ that are treasured for generations,” she explains.

“Sydney sandstone is a defining feature of our new home at Sub Base Platypus and a material we have really grown to love. Formed from sands which came from Antarctica about 200 million years ago, it tells us so much about Sydney’s history and holds deep cultural knowledge in the First Nations rock art still visible in the area today as well as being also used as a building material by the first settlers.

“Varying in colour from pale pink to tan, each section is unique and will have its own defining characteristics that it brings to our new range.”

To celebrate the launch, the purpose-led lifestyle brand is inviting 30 families to book a free professional family portrait taken on the new sofas in their concept store at Sub Base Platypus on Saturday 9 July 2022.

“Family takes many forms—be it a couple, a group of friends, parents with kids, grandparents, kids and grandchildren—and these new pieces celebrate sustainable design that creates space for connection while championing a better future for our families and our planet.”

The new range is available now.