New AR furniture shopping app launches

With consumers today looking for a shopping experience, Aussie furniture brand KOPA is introducing an app to give them just that.

KOPALens is an augmented reality shopping app that provides the experience of a virtual showroom. It is produced in partnership with Plattar, the Melbourne tech company that focuses on building the relationship between digital products and the real world.

The app enables buyers to view the majority of the products from all-round vision, assessing the scale and material of the product in their designated space via augmented reality anytime.

“We want to change the way people think about design,” says CEO of KOPA, Jason Lu.

“No, it shouldn't be unaffordable and yes, good design should be accessible to everyone. KOPA believes that great product designs focus on the need of consumers. The brand showcased its first line of original designs for the digitally savvy and price conscious in 2016.”

The Sydney-based ecommerce brand aims at perfecting the entire process of online furniture shopping. In addition to the AR mobile app, the company’s KOPA Builder―an interactive 3D viewer for KOPA products―is currently available on its official website. It hands over the process of designing to buyers, allowing them to freely alter the colour, height, fabrics and accessory of the product all to their liking.

KOPA was founded in 2017 by two architects, Jason Lu and Joseph Rowe, with the aim of democratising quality home goods and changing the way people shop online.

KOPALens is available on the App Store and Google Play.